Social Fingerprints

One of the really innovative things that the team has been working on, and that we showed at the in.Telligent conference, is something we’re calling Social Fingerprints. This is included in Harvest 2.0 which we’ll release in the next few weeks. The concept is that … Continue reading “Social Fingerprints”

Forrester Groundswell User Technographics Reports

The latest version of our business intelligence tool, Harvest, is nearing completion. One of the new included reports is the User Technographics report popularized by Groudswell: The User Technographics report breaks down the user base into 7 categories: creators, joiners, collectors, inactives, critics, spectators, and … Continue reading “Forrester Groundswell User Technographics Reports”

Software as a Service – less flexible?

Jeremiah Owyang, a senior analyst for Forrester Research, says that some of the feedback he hearing from customers of the Wave report he is working on that “…wasn’t surprised to hear from a few brands that not everyone is a fan of Software as a … Continue reading “Software as a Service – less flexible?”

Sentiment preview

As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve made some significant investments in our business intelligent tool, Harvest over the past 6 months since releasing Harvest 1.0. One of the more exciting investments we’ve made is around sentiment. Sentiment provides the ability to rank content based on people’s … Continue reading “Sentiment preview”

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