Software as a Service – less flexible?

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image Jeremiah Owyang, a senior analyst for Forrester Research, says that some of the feedback he hearing from customers of the Wave report he is working on that

“…wasn’t surprised to hear from a few brands that not everyone is a fan of Software as a Service (Saas), in fact, for some, on-premise software makes a whole lot more sense.”

You can read his blog post about this here as well as follow the stream of comments.

There are some really valid point brought up – however, one that I think may be missing is a serious discussion around all the data that is created within a community solution. I reading an article in the Harvard Business Review on my flight today and there was a great article about “Putting Data to Work in the Marketplace”. The topic of data came up in some of the comments on Jeremiah’s blog post and one of the questions is: in an SaaS environment, who owns the data?

I imagine that in the coming years as we see the Enterprise 2.0 market continue to mature this is a question that will come up more often – more so as businesses start to think more strategically about their investments in Enterprise 2.0 solutions.

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