Forrester Groundswell User Technographics Reports

1 minute read

The latest version of our business intelligence tool, Harvest, is nearing completion. One of the new included reports is the User Technographics report popularized by Groudswell:


The User Technographics report breaks down the user base into 7 categories: creators, joiners, collectors, inactives, critics, spectators, and overseers [1]. Jeremiah has some posts that details what all of these categories are.

This report breaks-down trending of users over time. We’ve also added in another graph so you can see the actual trend lines – it still needs a few tweaks:


We’re creating these types of reports to make sure we’re aligning with what customers are reading – such as Groundswell – about how to measure their communities. Of course there is still more to come 🙂

[1] Overseers are the administrators and moderators that help manage the community.

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