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As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve made some significant investments in our business intelligent tool, Harvest over the past 6 months since releasing Harvest 1.0.

One of the more exciting investments we’ve made is around sentiment. Sentiment provides the ability to rank content based on people’s attitudes. As this relates back to our customers it helps them understand whether people view their products/services negatively or positively.

Working with some experts in the field we’ve integrated sentiment into the Harvest business intelligence engine. Sentiment analysis can be done on user selected keywords or phrases as well as self-selected keywords that the engine sees.

Below is one of the reports that Harvest uses to show sentiment:


In this example for a period of time from July to September we can visualize the attitudes people have in the community. Further more, you can drill into the specific positive and negative discussions.

As you can also see, in the upper-right we’re making it easy to also embed any Harvest report as a widget, image, or simply sharing the data through RSS.

We’ll also have some dedicated session’s at this year’s in.telligent Conference. Just click the banner below for more details.


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