Web Based Installer for Community Server

1 minute read

Scott posted some details on our web based installer for Community Server.

If you’re like me you pass judgement on an application in the first few minutes. If setup goes bad, well it’s all pretty much downhill from there. It was key for us to make sure setup was super, brain-dead easy. What’s great about the web based installer is that for hosted applications you can simply FTP the files to your server and run the web based installer.

We’re close to pushing out the RC of Community Server now. We passed around an internal build within Telligent (hard to believe we’re up to nearly 15 people now) to get some initial feedback and make sure there were no oddities with the RC1 build. So far so good — stay tuned to www.communityserver.org although I’m sure you’ll see a lot of blog posts about it.

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