Community Server add-ons

1 minute read

Tonight I’m presenting on Community Server 1.0 at the Plano .NET User’s Group.

I’ll be showing off two new features that Ken has been working on — his site is running Community Server 1.0 btw and shows how easy it is to customize the platform:

  • FTP Server – We’ve written an FTP server that integrates into the Community Server database. Unlike the awesome FTP server that ships with IIS, our FTP’s access is controlled by the Community Server membership. Currently we’ve built this feature to make working with our Photo gallery super easy — just FTP photos to your server. Eventually we’ll be expanding this out to solve generic shared file storage on the Internet.
  • NNTP Server – We’ve written an NNTP server for Community Server too! Once we start running Community Server on it means that you can read/post to the from your favorite news reader all the while honoring permissions for what you can/can’t see via your Communtiy Server permissions. A feature like this is great for me. If I’m travelling I can sync all the messages, reply, on the plane, and the have those messages posted when I land! Posts made through NNTP are still associated with the user’s profile too…

Tonight I’ll be demo’ing both of these capabilties. We’re also working on an Email server too, but it’s not quite ready to demo yet.


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