Want to meet-up in Barcelona?

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I’m headed over to Barcelona, Spain next week. What’s not fun is how I get there:

Dallas,TX -> Las Vegas,NV -> San Francisco,CA -> Munich, Germany -> Barcelona

Yes, I’m going to go west before I go east. Please don’t ask why. It’s a long story 🙂

Yuck. The good news is I’ve got plenty to do on the plane flight over going through our new Reporting Server, Graffiti CMS, and of course Community Server 2008.

Meet up in Barcelona

I’m headed to Barcelona for Tech-Ed Europe. I’ll give a couple of sessions on ASP.NET Internals, which is always a fun topic and Europe is always a fun venue. I’m also looking for any social networking groups and/or meet-ups. If anyone is interested in connecting for coffee or possibly even dinner shoot me a note at rhoward@telligent.com

Recommendations for Barcelona

I’m also open for suggestions on things to do in Spain as I’m going to stay an extra 2 weeks.

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