Telligent Reporting Server

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Last weekend at the Community Server Developer Conference we announced 2 new products that Telligent is building:

  • Graffiti CMS – a really simple, lightweight content management system that can also be used for single user blogging.
  • Reporting Server – a really simple reporting framework and server for building beautiful reports.

Community Server Reports

The Reporting Server was something we originally built to support Community Server, but after the Community Server Developer Conference it was evident that Reporting Server (with a few changes) was its own stand-alone solution.

We didn’t start with the intent of creating another reporting solution. We actually evaluated a number of reporting tools but finally came to the conclusion that they weren’t simple enough. We wanted something that enabled rich charting and graphs, but at the same time was really simple. The reporting solution we liked the best was Google’s Analytics package with its interactive Flash graphs and charts and simple tools for managing lists of data.

Reporting Server Beta

We planned to release a beta of Reporting Server in mid-October. We in-fact demoed the Reporting Server at the Community Server Developer Conference with the intent of releasing a beta the following week. After talking to quite a few people we went back to the office and took a hard look at the feedback and where the product was at. We decided that instead of releasing the beta, we would add some more time to the development schedule to make sure v1 was sufficiently abstracted from the original Community Server reports. This meant we also had to push back the beta, likely until mid-December.

We’re disappointed that we had to push the date back, but based on the feedback this will hopefully mean an even better reporting tool! We’re also doing the work to make it really, really simple to share and publish reports — and not just for Community Server!

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