Telligent Harvest Reporting Server 1.0 now available!

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Harvest provides deep analysis and trending on how people are contributing within a community running on Telligent Community Server. Harvest helps to prove the return on investment by uncovering valuable data, customer insights, and trends that can be studied, understood, and applied directly back to the business.

Harvest can be used to analyze what content is popular in the community – content that can then be turned into FAQs or Knowledge Base articles to help drive down costs from direct phone support. Other great examples include identifying key members of the community that contribute to the communities success.

But most importantly Harvest provide deep analytics into user behavior and demographics – more data than can be typically solicited from customer surveys. With this level of data organization can better target individual behavior and patterns with appropriate product offerings or advertising. 


Harvest Facts:

  • Included in the Enterprise Edition of Community Server™ 2008
  • Includes extensible built-in task engine for data extraction, analysis, and data warehousing
  • Compatible with Community Server 2007 and above

Developer Facts:

  • Extensible reporting framework allows easy creation of new, custom reports
  • Built on the enterprise-proven Microsoft .NET 2.0 platform and Microsoft SQL Server

We’ve already been asked, "How is Harvest different from Microsoft Reporting Services?" There are 2 key differences between Harvest and SQL Reporting Services:

  1. Harvest is designed for public accessibility meaning that it’s very easy and simple to expose reporting data so that everyone in the community has access to it.
  2. Harvest includes a task engine used to build your data warehouse and can constantly run in the background to provide live analysis without any direct interaction on your OLTP database.

A great example: using data from, which has data dating back to 2001, Harvest can run all manner of reports and trends with no impact to the live database in 2-3 seconds.

More Details on Harvest…

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