Graffiti 1.0 Service Pack 1 Now Available

1 minute read

Today we released Graffiti 1.0 Service Pack 1

Quite a few things made it into Service Pack 1 – please see the link above for the full details – below is a quick summary:

  • Developer and Designer – we added some new Chalk extensions, some events for developers to plug into so you can process behavior and data more easily in your own code, added support for background threading
  • Security Enhancements – we made a handful of security improvements to ensure that Graffiti is better locked down. This includes some changes related to data discovery and passwords.
  • Migration tools – we updated our migration tools and fixed a few bugs when working with BlogML.
  • Bugs – We fixed about 25-30 bugs that people reported to us after we released version 1.0

So far Graffiti has been really well received! I had a number of people tell me at Mix how much they like Graffiti. Miguel de Icaza even gave Graffiti some love in his Mono talk at Mix — showing Graffiti running on Mono on stage! Thanks Miguel!

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