Sony PSP

1 minute read

I picked up a Sony PSP thanks to Scott during the last MVP summit in Redmond.

What an amazing little device: amazing resolution, great games, great movies (and great marketing) and also built-in 802.11 support. What’s really smart is the device auto-updates when new versions of its core software gets released. The latest release installed ‘RSS Channels’.

So now for my first gripe/disappointment with my Sony PSP: RSS Channels are used only for MP3 or AAC file downloading. What was I hoping for? I’d like to grab any RSS content, such as feeds from and, be able to read those offline. Sorry Sony, you’ve got a lot of work to do if you want to unseat the Apple iPod — I have yet to put a single audio file on my PSP.

Oh well, I’m still a ‘happy camper’. I can take those Tech-Ed videos and convert them to PSP videos and watch them on the plane and rumor has it that we’ll soon be able to easily copy TiVo media to the PSP (at which point I fully intent to trade in my current Dish DVR(s) for TiVo units).

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