Mix06.com — remix to win an Xbox 360!

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Telligent is iterating– I say iterating since it seems we’re updating the site daily — the Mix06.com site on Communtiy Server 2.0.

We rolled out a really, really cool new feature on the site yesterday for a contest called Remix. There are some great prizes in the contest and the top 3 designs receive:

  • Free admission to MIX, airfare, and lodging at the Venetian
  • A custom designed, MIX-inspired remixed Xbox 360

You may have noticed I said, “designs”. The whole idea behind Remix is that, similar to CSS Zen Garden, a progessive CSS driven site that accepts submissions to re-theme the site, you can submit different “remixes” of the Mix06.com site.

Below is a design one of our developers put together:


Click on the “Remix” logo to see other designs or visit the gallery. There are only a couple right now (there is an approval process before a “remix” goes live) but get the word out. And more importantly, submit your own entry!

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