Last week’s Roadshow

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Last week’s roadshow events were great! We visited Denver on Tuesday and St. Louis on Thursday. I also had the chance to present at the Colorado Springs .NET Users Group on Tuesday night. Wednesday I had the opportunity to present to several Denver area ISVs as well as a set of Denver area architects from local companies – great stuff! I’ll update the slides and demos @ later today.


While in Denver Ashwin Karuhatty (Microsoft Denver Developer Evangelist) gave me a biometric device after I spied his while we were on stage preparing for the Roadshow. The device is made by Digital Persona and can be used as a replacement for typing a password when logging on to Windows. It can also be used for encrypting files and web site password management. Pretty cool stuff!


I set up the finger print recognition software on the plane home from Denver. The amusing part was when it asked me to register another finger, in the event my current finger was unavailable – Yikes! Little did I know that this weekend I would drive a quarter-inch splinter into the index finger of my right-hand while installing some pulls on some cabinets, ouch! I hate wearing bandaids — and especially hate wearing them when I work — so I used a little trick I picked up from my rock climbing days: using super glue to mend skin. Rock climbing really tears up your hands, using super glue you can mend the tears and keep going, at least until the next tear. It sounds funny but it works really well; the finger print recognition software didn’t like it too much!


In Denver I also had a chance to chat with both Andy Smith, Keith Barrows, and my old buddy Tim Huckaby.


On Thursday I arrived in St. Louis. I forgot my power supply/cord and was on the way to pick up a new one from Best Buy when I got rear-ended by a cab. After all that ‘fun’ was over I made it to Best Buy, got a new power supply, and barely made it to the St. Louis event on the St. Louis University Campus.


After the Roadshow presentation we gave out some free books. It was a little chaotic as Bill Evjen, Devin Rader, and others got gang rushed! Eventually we made it out and Bill and Devin gave me an un-official tour of St. Louis as we tried to find a very elusive pub.


Today (December 8th) Scott Guthrie is presenting the Roadshow in Redmond. We’ve received a lot of email and requests to present in other cities – we’re listening. We have some more cities that we’re adding to the schedule. We’ll update the list once we nail down the exact dates. Rumor has it was may also be visiting Hawaii – maybe I’ll finally get to windsurf at Diamond Head!


Finally, we’d love to hear your feedback! If you’ve been to one of the Roadshow events, what did you think? Anything we should do different?

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