Here we go again…

1 minute read

Yet another conference 🙂

Actually, TechEd doesn’t really fall into this category since it’s actually a friendly audience vis-a-vis Linux World which we attended last fall. However, I – as I’m sure many MS presenters do – am only finalizing my slide deck today (presentations on Wed. and Thurs.).

This time I’m going to try something new though: no slides. I’m giving 2 talks at TechEd: Tips & Tricks as well as a drilldown on how we run the site. I’ll have some slides for the drill-down talk, but for the Tips & Tricks I thought it would be fun to have 0 slides and just use VS .NET the whole way through. This will be an adventure, but it will also make the presentation easier to follow since there won’t be as many ‘flips’ between applications.

We’ll see how it goes.

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