ASP.NET Developer’s Cookbook

1 minute read

On Saturday I received a copy of a book that I recently contributed to: ASP.NET Developer’s Cookbook. Kudos to Steve Smith, the main visionary/author, as well as the members of ASP Alliance who also contributed – the book is fantastic! 

I love the format of the book. Rather than attempting to be all encompassing, each receipe is a digestable ‘tip & trick’.

At work there is a set of about 8 books I keep close by, such as: a 1995 copy af Addison-Wesley’s SQL book, an IE 4.0 DHTML reference book from Wrox, Nikhil’s control book, Pro. ASP.NET 1.0, ASP.NET Unleashed, and Andrew’s ASP.NET in a nutshell.

This book is going to be #9. There’s already a ton of receipes I want to lift out and use on the site and in the ASP.NET Forums code base.

If you’re going to be at TechEd this week in Dallas, I think I’ll have some copies to give out at my ASP.NET Tips & Tricks talk.

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