Headed to Milwaukee… Brrrr

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We’re about to kick off the next round of ASP.NET Roadshow events  (we’ve added more cities and will be announcing them soon @ www.asp.net/roadshow). Tomorrow I’m headed to Wisconsin for the Deep in .NET event – it should be a great event with lots of great technical content. Steve Smith IM’d me tonight ‘are your slides done?’ — sorry Steve, I was watching my Tivo’d copy of CSI — … nope not done yet, but hey that’s what the plane is for, right?

Checked the weather in WI: a high of 24 degrees tomorrow! Yikes, should I bring my hockey skates? Speaking of hockey I’m playing in the 2004 Kids Cup in Ft. Worth, Texas. If you live in DFW, swing on by — it’ll be a great event, all profits from the game (tickets, hats, shirts, etc.) are being donated to the children at the Ronald McDonalds House.

We’ve also finally announced a little covert project that Scott Watermasysk and I have been working on: http://blogs.msdn.com/ (more detail: http://blogs.msdn.com/saraw/). Yes, all the Microsoft bloggers have a happy new home here on our www.asp.net cluster @ the blogs.msdn.com domain!

The ASP.NET Forums (http://forums.asp.net) have really come a long way. We now have support for 6 languages built-in, as well as many other great new features (including an NNTP server for off-line fourms support). It’s a gigantic project now, well over 80 server controls alone. I’ll have to blog about the experiences there soon…

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