Blackberry 7320

1 minute read

I finally replaced my old Blackberry and my Sony-Ericcson phone with a new Blackberry 7320. I’ve been using it for about a week now and thought I would share some of the postives and negatives:


  • It’s great to have one device for both email and phone
  • Charges itself off a USB cable — really nice if you travel a lot.
  • The blackberry keyboard is wonderful. I have terrible handwriting; so I’d much rather type than attempt writing with a pen based device.
  • Synchronizing the device with Outlook is a breeze
  • Clicking to call phone numbers or open web addresses within emails is really nice
  • The built-in web browser is sufficient for most tasks, plus the real-estate is good.
  • Lastly it’s really small and slim. Easily fits in a pocket.


  • No backlighting by default. Although the screen is full color, it relies on contrast (there is a backlight you can enable, but it’s really only useful at night)
  • Not a lot of add-on applications (so far). Would be really nice to have an RSS consuming tool on there…
  • Runs Java – it would be much better if it ran .NET 🙂
  • Included software ‘Desktop Manager’ is quirky.

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