Announcing Sound Creative

1 minute read

Today we're soft-launching Sound Creative (more details here) a new design business. No website yet… cobbler's children have no shoes thing 🙂

We've been building and growing a creative staff internally at Telligent to bring our customers great design to accompnay their custom software solutions. About 3 months ago we decided to run our creative team as a separate business, giving them the opportunity to go after other types of design work vs. web only.

Over the next year you will see more and more of Telligent's services and products rolled out with a heavy influence from Sound Creative. In addition to pure UI work the team also has an XHTML/CSS expertise to ensure our services and products output great markup.

The end goal is to help ensure our customers not only receive agency quality design work, but also have a strong technology partner to implement the interactive design.

You can download the overview PDF here:

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