Yes, it is Linux … and I like it

1 minute read

I feel violated. My home network has this nasty new device hooked up to it that I really, really like: Control 4 Home Automation System. I get as many remotes as I want and they all work over my wireless network and pretty much can control everything in the house from the iPod, lights, radio, t.v., etc. It's really freaking cool.

Yesterday when it was being installed I noticed the technicians were using their laptops to configure everything from their Windows XP laptops. So being the geek I am I start asking how things work and that's when they broke the bad news to me, "Sure, see that small box right there? It's a Linux server that is running all the home automation."

They even told me that I can login from anywhere on the Internet and "run my house". Scary, can't wait to see what the viruses for these systems are going to look like. Imagine what could be done if your home automation system got hacked!

Great, not only do I have something I don't trust hooked up to my network it's responsible for all my geek joy; and to make matters worse, it's easy to use and I really, really like it.

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