Updates to forums.asp.net

1 minute read

forums.asp.net was upgraded to Community Server 2.0 last night. While there are a myriad of new capabilities, one of the bigger improvements was search. There are still some kinks we’re working out, but there is some great new capabilities, such as forum personalization and ink (although we haven’t enabled ink on this site yet).

Community Server supports 2 search systems now: regular search and enterprise search. The new enterprise search, what forums.asp.net is using, moves the entire search index out of the database and puts in on the web servers (search was the most intense db operation) and is designed for sites that need to support > 250,000 posts.

The new search tools are unbelievably powerful. While the RSS feed on search is currently disabled, searches don’t hit the database and are super fast (and more accurate). Give it a whirl:


The index isn’t fully up-to-date yet either. Currently it is indexing 250 posts once every 3 minutes, it can do this operation much, much faster but it’s a resource intensive process so we’ve gated it.

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