The WordPress as a content management system (cms) alternative

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We kept hearing customers ask for a super simple content management system and had a number of customers say, “Something as simple as WordPress but with more modern content management features.” We listened and we built on a much more robust platform: Microsoft .NET.

The result: Graffiti CMS.

We just released beta 1. But we’re already pretty confident that we got it right. Here is why:

Install and setup is easier

WordPress is known for having an install that takes 5 minutes or less. Graffiti’s install takes less than 2 minutes. Why? We don’t expect you to setup or configure a database.

WordPress has 5 installation steps, below is Graffiti’s. I actually copied WordPress’s and crossed out the irrelevant stuff (about half of it):

  1. Make sure your host meets the requirements (IIS and .NET). Also, have a database ready with proper username and password.
  2. Unzip the package you downloaded.
  3. Open up wp-config-sample.php and fill in your database details. Save and rename the file to wp-config.php.
  4. Upload all the files to your webhost
  5. Run the installation file. Relative to where you uploaded the files, it’ll be in wp-admin/install.php.

You don’t need to know PHP or ASP.NET

Both PHP and ASP.NET are tools for programmers. Graffiti is built for people. You don’t have to know how how to program your DVR to use it. Why should you be required to write code to use a CMS?

Now we did realize that designers would want to customize how Graffiti looks. So we decided to introduce a neutral programming concept we call Chalk. Chalk is a simple templating language that gives both designers and developers the ability to customize how content is shown without requiring them to read a 500 lb. book on programming.

Of course Graffiti is built on .NET and truth be told any good developer can make either PHP or ASP.NET code perform. However, we think there are more long-term advantages in Microsoft’s platform and better tools. So for developers familiar with ASP.NET its full power and capability are available to you.

Just enough workflow

Graffiti enables just enough workflow. By just enough we mean that workflow is available if you want to use it but workflow isn’t required. The workflow concepts in Graffiti revolve around content creators, content managers, and site managers. Content creators create the content, content managers publish the content, and site managers control how content is presented.


Best of all workflow is something that you can choose to use. You’re never forced into anything.

Simple content management tools

Graffiti keeps track of all changes in your content and who made the changes. Want to see what has changed or roll back to a previous version. No problem.

We’ve tried to skim the top of traditional content management and blogging and blend them together.

Search Engine Optimized for Google and everyone else

We put a lot of effort into ensuring that Graffiti is optimized for search engines. Whether it’s search engine friendly URLs, smart redirects, or properly structured content you’ll find that Graffiti was built to help people find your content.

Built by Telligent

Graffiti CMS is built by Telligent the same folks behind Community Server. Community Server was one of the first robust multi-user blogging/community platforms available. We’ve got an 80+ person team that does nothing but eat, live, and breath communities and social software and more importantly help customers build and grow successful communities.

Of course there are a number of other reasons why you should evaluate Graffiti. But why don’t you see for yourself. Try Graffiti Beta 1 and if you have questions just drop me an email:

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