Telligent Reporting Server, Beta 1

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Telligent. A few weeks ago we announced Graffiti Beta 1 (and we’ve gotten some awesome feedback – thanks!)

Tonight we’re happy to announce that Beta 1 of our new Telligent Reporting Server product is now available:

Download Telligent Reporting Server, Beta 1

We’re committed to providing Community Server customers with great business intelligence and reporting is a big theme for us in 2008. This beta provides a good insight into some of the tools that we’ll offer to help customers get a much better understanding of what is happening in their community. Below are some screen shots and additional details:

Look for trends in your community

Look for trends such as user logins over time. All the reports are interactive so you can click-and-drag to zoom into a particular date range:


Quickly identify key contributors

Want to know what users are contributing most to your community? Break it down by time, by views, and a number of other criteria. Charts allow you to click into a graph to get detailed sub-reports.


Export data for deeper analysis

All data can quickly and easily be exported to Microsoft Excel or other data analysis tools. We make it simple to extract your important information so you can slice and dice it to your hearts content.


That is just a small sampling of some of the capabilities of Reporting Server. We’ve built over 60 different reports to help you understand how your community is being used. Reporting Server also has reports for tracking answer/unanswered status for your forums, detailed analysis of forum threads, rating analysis of blogs, break-down of users by domain and much more.

In addition to working well with Community Server you can also build your own reports. In fact we fully expect to see Reporting Server become its own stand-alone tool that can be used to enable simple and easy reporting for any data.


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