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First a bit of news… Today is my last day at Microsoft. I’m leaving the the mothership and headed out on a new venture. It’s been a dream for nearly 6 years, it’s been in planning for 18mo, and it starts next week! I’ll post more details on what I’m doing next week, but my email address is only going to work until May 31st. My new email address is or you can use my other email address

Hope to see you at DevTeach or TechEd Europe! …slides from TechEd US are below:

Blackbelt ASP.NET
Lot’s of super-useful tips & tricks for making your web application better: using multi-result set stored procedures to background threading to database cache invalidation (modeled after the ASP.NET 2.0 database cache invalidation mechanism) and many, many more.
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Server Control Tips & Tricks
We started with some basics and quickly dove into some advanced composition topics related to building server controls. We built some custom controls, but if you want to see more server control source, check out the
Slides | Demos

This talk was more of a tour of how we manage and run Most people are surprised to find that we serve:,,,,, all from a small cluster of 2 web servers and 1 database server.

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