Scott Guthrie at North Dallas .NET User Group

1 minute read

Scott did an awesome job last night at the North Dallas .NET User Group. He started with a great Tips & Tricks talk and finished with a talk on LINQ.

The Tips & Tricks were great, lots of little cool features that are in .NET but most people don’t know about as well as some sweet new AJAX functionality and controls. He then went into LINQ and I think everyone’s jaws hit the floor (including mine). LINQ is probably going to be the most revolutionary new developer technology to come out of Microsoft since .NET. It’s simple and its data source independent, for example you could write a LINQ statement that combined XML and SQL Server data together in a join. Wickedly cool stuff — although I still think the select statement needs to be first, instead of last, in the statement definition.

Scott said he would post his slides to his blog, so stay tuned – and thanks for coming to Dallas, Scott!

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