Ron Howard

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I often receive emails, or see postings, where people call me Ron rather than Rob. Is it because my name sounds so much like the old Happy Days star turned director? Who knows 🙂

I do however have empirical evidence that some people do confuse me with Ron Howard; I’m sure this post, once indexed by Google, will not help the situation either <g>! A couple weeks ago I received an email from a woman who was asking me to talk to her son about film school:

“I have a son who’s life dream is to be a film director…” [removed] “… perhaps you can shed some light to a concerned Mom.“

Just a few days ago I received an email from a teenager telling me how much she enjoyed my recent film and wanted to talk to my daughter:

“Hi, my name’s [removed] and I’m 14. I am a big fan of your movies” [removed] “I still watch Happy Days“

When reading these emails a small, small mischievous part of me would like to have some fun with a reply, but the sincerity of the author always makes me take the time to write out a very polite reply. I wonder if Jason Alexander has this problem (haha).

So, if you are the real Ron Howard and you happen across this blog posting (yeah right)… drop me an email: so I can forward you your mailbag. And while you’re at it, I’ve also got some great software for running a community — I’ll even help you set it up!

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