Reorganizing the Community Server blogs control panel

1 minute read

We’ve been working on re-organizing the Control Panel for Community Server blogs and I thought I’d share some screen shots:


We’re updating the dashboard (main landing page) for bloggers to show more of what people have told us they are interested in. To being with we’ve added some new charts that break-down views to your blog posts and show then visually along with the ability to click-into a particular post and view daily views/stats:


Note, this chart looks better when there are more than 4 posts 🙂 

Post Page

We’re cleaning up the Write a Post page to better organize information and tasks around what people commonly do. We’ve also greatly improved the descriptions and details on the individual tabs:


Review Comments

We’ve also re-worked the review comments page to be much simpler and show better graphics to indicate status of published, unpublished, and possible SPAM comments:

We’ll unveil more of these updates in future blog posts…

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