Our own ‘mini Microsoft’ campus

1 minute read

Friday February 18th was a big day for us at Telligent. Not only did we finally ship Community Server 1.0 but we also moved into our new offices!

Jason took some photos and posted them here – using Community Server’s photo gallery feature 🙂


We modeled the office after Microsoft’s offices at the Redmond campus:

1. Everyone gets an actual office — no cubicles

2. Big conference rooms with whiteboards

3. Extra wide halls with whiteboards in the hallways

4. Dedicated room for strategic planning, analysis, and competitive research XBox (of course!).

Our furniture was supposed to be delivered on Friday, but building politics won out: we couldn’t move furniture between 8AM and 5PM and we had to resort to cardboard tables. Being true geeks we didn’t care — just give me a wireless network, power, and a place to sit (in that order) and it’s all good!

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