OpenID 2.0 for .NET now available

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The OpenID open source project for ASP.NET (DotNetOpenID) now supports the OpenID 2.0 specification and is available for download on Google Code:

For businesses or developers that use the library it would be great if you could donate to this Open Source Project. Telligent is contributing to this project both financially and with our developers and we’d love to see more people support it! We’ve added OpenID support to Community Server 2008 (natively).

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Some notes from Andrew who is the primary developer:

This release adds full support for OpenID 2.0 while preserving full backward compatibility for OpenID 1.x. It is a mature library with lots of help for diagnostics and debugging, and a balance between simplicity and extensibility. For a complete list of enhancements from the last release, check out the Version Changes page.

Here are the highlights of this library and particularly this release:

Support for OpenID 2.0 Relying Parties and Providers, including but not limited to these features:

  • Xri and i-name support
  • Directed identity support
  • More secure hashing algorithms (SHA-256)
  • Interop with Yahoo and other OpenID 2.0-only providers
  • Better security against replay attacks.
  • Send unsolicited positive assertions from providers to automatically log your users in to relying party web sites.
  • Much more comprehensive testing of common scenarios and possible security exploits.
  • More comprehensive HTML-based identity discovery.
  • Completely stateless mode support for Relying Parties (not even HttpApplication state).
  • New OpenIdMobileTextBox ASP.NET control.
  • All relying party ASP.NET controls now support immediate mode.
  • Improved support for custom stores that have to serialize associations (for databases, etc.)
  • Debugger attributes to make stepping through the code easier.

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