New Year’s resolution

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…at least one of them is to start blogging more 🙂

The last 6 months starting and growing Telligent has just been insane; not just for me but our entire team. I’ve been envious that Scott Watermasysk is still able to blog so much!

The upside to the lack of blogging is that we’ve made some HUGE advancements in Community Server and hopefully this week we’ll be updating to the latest version of the 1.0 beta. We’re down to less than 7 bugs (woo hoo!). Our goal with version 1.0 is to introduce a solid, easy to install platform that others can build on top of – so far so good, we’ve been pretty succesful at signing up some large corporate customers. We’re also building a lot of tools that make the system even better, example a commercial add-on that we’ll be introducing is an FTP server for our Photo Gallery (soon to support any file types). Unlike other photo galleries that use proprietary tools to upload pictures and manage content, we’ll have a FTP server — allowing people to control access and permissions through Community Server and do bulk uploads through IE. Exciting stuff 🙂

I’ve been reading a great book that my friends on the Patterns & Practices team sent me, Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability. J.D. Meier is one of the authors (and a buddy of my from the Site Server 3.0 days of Personalization and Membership) and he and the rest of the writing team did an awesome job. Web application performance is one of my favorite topics and this book hits all the right points — and even better a few new ones I didn’t know. This book goes next to my other favorite book: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Performance Optimization and Tuning Handbook — a must own.

P.S., if you’re in Dallas: on January 13th I’m presenting an advanced ASP.NET Tips & Tricks topic at the Dallas .NET User’s Group. Should be a good talk 🙂

Have a great New Year!

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