Na-na-na-na hey-hey-hey… goodbye (TypePad)

1 minute read – Community Server / .NET is now used for MSNBC's 'Clicked' blog. – Dell is blogging now and their blog is getting a ton of buzz — we're happy to say they chose Community Server too! – Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, is the Director of Programming for Xbox Live and is blogging on Community Server. Before choosing Community Server I believe Larry was running WordPress.

It's really exciting for us on the Telligent team to see some of these sites go live. We're competing against companies with literally millions and millions of venture capital dollars and we are 100% self-funded (and keep declining VC investment).

So while our competitors throw tons of dollars at problems, we just have to work smarter. It's one of our philosophy's at Telligent "work smarter not harder." While we don't have the financial resources that our competitors do, we have drive, motivation, and a desire to win. In some ways I think having less resources makes our job easier as we have to really think hard about where we invest our time.

Clicked is a small win for us relative to our VC funded competitors, but it's a win nonetheless.

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