Mix and Mash with Microsoft

1 minute read

I’m spending the day at the Microsoft Briefing Center here in Redmond at the “Mix and Mash” event. We’re supposed to get an overview of some of the efforts that Microsoft has underway in the web space.

It’s a pretty small group, only about 8-10 people, so we should get some good 1:1 time. Bill Gates is supposed to make an appearance towards the end of the day too.

We started the morning with Scott Guthrie. My prediction is that Scott will soon be a VP at Microsoft. I’ll also predict he will be the first VP you’ll ever see give his own demos complete with code =)

Scott gave a really good overview of his team’s strategy for the web. Including Silverlight, ASP.NET, and everything else he owns (he owns a lot these days).

We’ve spent a good part of our time chatting about mobile. I have a huge amount of interest in the mobile space. Mobile is the “new PC” and mobile support is something that we’re having more and more discussions about at Telligent.

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