Meet the ASPInsiders

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From the ASPInsiders web site:

“The ASPInsiders is a select group of international professionals who have a demonstrated expertise in ASP.NET technologies and who provide valuable, early feedback on related developing technologies and publications to their peers, the Microsoft ASP.NET team, and others.“

This group was started more than a year ago and has now quickly grown to over 50 members.

Unlike most community groups or organizations, one of the big differences is how the ASPInsiders is run. Instead of operating similar to the MVP program (another awesome group), where membership is determined by Microsoft, or other groups, where a single individual might determine membership, ASPInsiders is managed by a member elected board from the developer community.

The board provides organizational functions such as managing the ASPInsiders website, helping coordinate events with the ASP.NET team, and all the other day-to-day work that goes into running an organization.

Membership, however, is peer driven: ASPInsider members nominate and vote on new members every quarter; Membership is already > 50.

I’d like to call out a special thanks to all the board members who have contributed countless hours – and too many IM chats <g> – to make ASPInsiders happen:

Without your dedication, time, and effort ASPInsiders wouldn’t be where it is today!

We also truly value all the feedback and direction the ASPInsiders have given us. As Scott Guthrie said, “Their work and contributions are invaluable”.

For more information about ASPInsiders, please check out their web site and FAQ.

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