Live Writer Feature Request

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I love Live Writer it has made publishing content, not just blogging, so much easier.

But Live Writer is definitely designed for blogging first and foremost and even for blogging Live Writer is really good for new content, and not so good at getting to old content. What I’d love to have is the ability to open and edit any content via a moniker as well as better tools for browsing previously published content.

For example, we are starting to use Live Writer for publishing content to Graffiti’s documentation and other site content. In other words, we’re using Live Writer as a tool to publish into a Content Management System. It works really, really well for this.

URL Monikers

Today when signed in as the owner of a blog you’ll typically get an edit link that takes you directly to the edit screen for the blog. It would be great if Live Writer could register its own URL moniker [1], maybe "livewriter", so that in addition to the standard edit links you might find a link "Edit in Live Writer" in content where the href pointed to:


For systems that had Live Writer installed clicking this link would cause Live Writer to be loaded locally and for Live Writer to attempt to open that specific post from the server.

Is there a way, even now, to open a specific post with Live Writer directly via a URL?

Maybe another short-term solution is to allow you to open a URL directly vs. having to go through the browse screen (see below).

Better Content Sorting

I’d also love to see better tools within Live Writer for sorting previously published content. Tools that allowed you to browse by publish date or title. The current open dialog is pretty limited (most likely purposefully):


[1] URL Monikers may, unfortunately, be something that is only supported in IE and not in FireFox

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