Is Java the platform Ajax is most used with?

1 minute read

This week’s SD Times has an article AJAX-Based Web 2.0 Ready for Takeoff. Included within the article is a chart which shows a breakdown of “…what application runtime platform(s) would you be using AJAX with?”.

  • 55.7% said Java / Java EE
  • 44.7% said Microsoft ASP.NET / Atlas
  • 25.9% said PHP
  • 21.8% said Adobe/Flash
  • 12.1% said Ruby on Rails
  • The rest were a mix of Perl, ColdFusion, etc.

These numbers really surprised me. I would have expected to see much higher numbers for PHP and much lower numbers for Java. We work with a lot of enterprise customers and most are using either Microsoft solutions or the LAMP stack. It is actually not that common that we see Java used (and even less common to see Ruby on Rails).

I’m by no means claiming that I expected to see Microsoft running away with it, although the Microsoft numbers do seem to reflect what we see within customers, but the Java and PHP numbers just don’t add up in my opinion.

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