Ink …yeah, we’ve got that

1 minute read

Today we rolled out ink support for Community Server!

We’ve got some really cool ideas about how we’ll use ink in forums, blogs, and photo galleries.

Other features that went live today:

  • Forums personalization – You can now hide groups and forums you are not interested in.
  • Tokens – This is mainly used in the blogs, but there is now support for something similar to .Text’s “keywords”. For example, you can now tell CS to convert [CS] to a link to and the text “Community Server”.
  • Lot’s of bug fixes
  • Lot’s of work in the control panels

We also did an update to the (yet to be named) email engine that integrates with Community Server. Lots of bug fixes.

I just wrapped up my presentations at the Heartland Developer Conference. 90 minutes of CodeSmith and 90 minutes of ASP.NET 2.0 tips & tricks — good stuff. I’ll post the link to the slides/downloads tomorrow.

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