in.telligent 2008 – social computing conference

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I’m happy to announce the 2008 in.telligent conference!

Our first conference, in 2007, was a bigger than expected success with attendees coming from all around the world to talk, network, and learn.

This year we’re planning bigger. Much bigger.

The conference will October 20th – 22nd (more details here). The biggest change is that this year Instead of a single technical track we’re creating 2 tracks along with a set of post-conference work-shops.

The technical track will focus on Community Server, SharePoint, Graffiti, and Harvest and is aimed at developers that want a deeper understanding of how these technologies can be used to built world-class solutions.

The non-technical track will focus on broader topics like: planning social computing solutions; measuring ROI; brand building; and other topics that will appeal to business owners, brand managers, and marketers.

We’ll also have some smaller hands-on post-conference work-shops with personal mentoring from our team.

It will be an exciting time to network and meet other like minded people interested in the social computing space.

While we’re not quite ready for registration, you can sign-up on the site now and we’ll email you when registration opens up!

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