Enough with the Segways already

1 minute read

Sure I want a Segway, it’s a novelty and would be something fun for our office. But that’s it: fun.

Traveling around the country I’m starting to see security in airports, such as DFW, use Segways as a way to move around quickly. They used to ride bikes, but for some reason a motorized transportation system that is 5-7x as expensive than a bike is now better. I’m also now seeing them at hotels. At 2 conferences in the last several weeks that I’ve been to (Westin Palm Springs and Marriott in Orlando) security were riding (or is it driving?) Segways. This morning I had to move out of the way as someone who worked for the hotel rode past me in the hall.

Something I’ve always enjoyed about visiting Europe and other dense metropolitan cities like New York is that you actually can walk everywhere. I spend a lot of time sitting: sitting behind a desk, sitting in a car, sitting on an airplane, etc.

But I guess walking is passé. So please say hi to me when you pass me on your Personal Transporter (and try not to run me over next time) I’ll be the weird guy that still walks places.

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