DotNetNuke is not open source

1 minute read

Well, at least according to Slashdot.

Why? Well, it runs on Windows, is built with .NET and (gasp!) uses software such as SQL Server! Using the slashdot mentality it means that it’s not open source because it’s not “pure”, i.e. doesn’t run on Linux, etc. etc.

I have to admit after doing research into the term “Open Source” we did change our description of how we provide Community Server code to “Shared Source”. The intent of course being that we provide the source code so that it can be recompiled and/or modified, but keeping in tact licenses and copyrights.

My advice: who cares. Do what you know is right, build better software and let your customers decide if your definition of “open source” matters or not.

What a bunch of idiots…

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