Dependence on Technology

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So here I am. Day 3 of ComCast (national Internet and Cable provider here in the U.S.) being down again. I’ve been able to manage it by taking my laptop to one of 10 million Starbucks and use the wireless t-mobile access, but it’s still frustrating. It also tells me that the ‘Internet’ is not yet considered a utility like cable T.V., phone, or more importantly electricity!


My gripe is: for me it is a utility. I expect it to be up all the time, not just here and there. What’s more frustrating is when talking to support it’s always 2-3 days before a tech. can come out. Argh!


There is an upside though — I’m able to catch up on a bunch of DVR recorded T.V. shows: Alias, Lost, 24 and am able to slug through email uninterrupted. Well, at least as uninterrupted as watching 24 while writing this blog post in Word (thank goodness for DVRs)!


…Woohoo, I’m off to post – thank goodness for neighbors with DSL and unencrypted wireless networks 🙂


P.S., thanks for all the great comments on my MSDN article (below) — as always if there are other topics you’d like to see, please let me know!

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