Define: Internet Access

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When a hotel advertises Internet Access in a room, you would expect to find an ethernet cable or port in the room. Right?

I stayed at a hotel in Houston several days back at the Candlewood Suites. I chose that hotel precisely because they offered free Internet Access (as you can see listed on their web page). After a long day I finally got to the room and looked around for the Ethernet port/cable, but couldn’t find it. The following conversation followed:

(Called hotel operator)

Rob: Hi, I’m in room 212. You guys have internet access in the room right?

Hotel: Yes! In fact, we’re getting broadband wireless in about 3 weeks.

Rob: Well, that’s great. But I need to access to the Internet now and I can’t seem to find where to plug my computer in.

Hotel: Just plug it into the base of the phone.

Rob: You don’t have ethernet in the rooms?

Hotel: No, we have dial-up internet access. You have to plug a phone cable into your computer and then into the phone.

Rob: (Disappointed) Fine. What’s the number I need to call?

Hotel: That’s your responsbility.

Rob: Ok, so basically you’re ‘internet access’ consists of a phone line in the room. That’s not internet access, that’s called a phone line. 

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