Community Server MetaBlog API Update

1 minute read

We’ve released an update to the Community Server 2.1 MetaBlog API. Download it here.

Installation is simple.  Just drop the updated MetaBlog.ashx file into the /blogs/ directory of your site, and you are done!  All the code is inline.  You can also set some AppSettings parameters in your web.config as far as maximum attachment size, allows extensions, and a few other settings. By default we only allow images, but other file types are supported – they are simply added as links.

This update adds support for the newMediaObject MetaBlog API which will allow you to use services like LiveWriter or BlogMailr to easily add images to your posts. In the case of BlogMailr you simply write an email and add the images inline (drag-and-drop them between text) or as attachments.

For those of you blogging on we’ve updated that Community Server blog server to support this already (test post)!

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