Community Server and ComponentArt team-up to use ComponentArt’s Web.UI suite in Community Server

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(reposted from ComponentArt’s Site):

Today ComponentArt is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Telligent Systems Inc., creators of the very popular Community Server product. A managed platform offering moderated discussion forums, blogging capabilities, photo galleries and more – Community Server is the engine that powers some of the advanced collaborative aspects of such websites as Microsoft’s and, and domain registrar

Beginning with the upcoming version 1.2, key aspects of the Community Server user interface will be powered by ComponentArt’s Web.UI suite of controls for ASP.NET.

“Our companies have been working closely for some time to deliver a rich set of features for the new version of Community Server in the areas of U.I. and system management”, says Rob Howard of Telligent. “We’re very excited about the integration of ComponentArt’s U.I. elements; they provide some amazing new capabilities for our customers, and I expect that our use of the Web.UI controls will be even more widespread in upcoming releases”.

ComponentArt is pleased to have the opportunity to showcase the power of the Web.UI user interface controls to the large Community Server customer base – and the company’s customers have also realized direct benefits from the relationship:

“It’s a privilege to be working closely with some of the brightest minds in the industry” says Miljan Braticevic, ComponentArt President. “Several key features of our new Web.UI version 3.0 came about as a direct result of the feedback provided by the Telligent team. Our customers are already enjoying the rewards of this partnership”.

The integration of the Web.UI components into the Community Server product will not affect its existing licensing structure in any way, and additional licensing for Web.UI is not required. Telligent is expected to release the new version 1.2 of Community Server in December 2005.

More information on Community Server and Telligent Systems can be found at

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