Community Server 3.0, Codename “Calypso”

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The Community Server team has already started working on version 3.0 of Community Server (we just shipped version 2.1 in August).

We chose to use the name "Calypso" as our codename for the 3.0 release. If you've never heard of Calypso before it was the codename for the framework used to run the site (a mutated version of the IBuySpy Portal). Our goal with Calypso is to continue to focus on simplicity and usability. We've made a lot of improvements in our 2.1 version, but there is still a lot more we can do. Similar to version 2.0, a complete pass will be made through the application focused on simplifying common tasks, building more wizards, and adding more help oriented content. More integration work across base features will also be done.

The Community Server 3.0 platform will also only run on version 2.0 of Microsoft's ASP.NET framework, unlike version 2.0 which ran on both version 1.1 and 2.0 of Microsoft's ASP.NET framework.

We have 5 specific features areas we will focus on

  • Chameleon, our Theme Engine overhaul, will deliver a simpler way to create themes. It will also include features that will enable users to manage the look/feel of a theme via the Control Panel. Our goals are to reduce (by updwards of 90%) the number of files involved in skinning a blog and to provide a stream-lined non-technical set of tools for easily creating UI. 
  • Morpheus, our Membership update, will break the hard-wired ties to the ASP.NET 2.0 membership store. This will allow for easier integration with existing user bases and external storage of membership data.
  • Zion, a new Centralized File Storage system, will provide more consistent and extensible support for files and attachments in Community Server. In addition, the update to Blogs will allow for better image/file support on a per post basis.
  • Tallyman, the next version of Mail Gateway, will enable anyone, anywhere, including shared hosting and smaller sites, to leverage integrated email and mail list functionality within Community Server.
  • Mystique…something we'll talk more about later 🙂

In addition to the work on Community Server 3.0 we will also announce some exciting new software offerings around knowledge management, content management, and case management.

Calypso is planned for release in the first quarter of 2007.

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