Community Server 2007 Service Pack 3, Beta

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Today we released a service pack for Community Server 2007. It was released as a beta because we decided to include more than just bug fixes and added in a slew of minor enhancements too. Technically speaking it’s more like Community Server 2007.1. We’ve run it for several weeks now on but we’ll burn it in for a few more weeks before we call it release quality.

More details (and download for) CS 2007 SP3 Beta

Some high level details on what is included:

  • Performance work. This service pack includes some of the performance work we’re doing for Community Server 2008. Mostly this is SQL and Cache updates and changes. For Community Server 2008 we have some larger plans which include forking the data provider and data layer for our Enterprise Edition to support more distributed scaling.
  • Email updates. We’ve done some clean-up and improvements to how emails are handled (both incoming and outgoing). This also includes better enforcement of options users can set for if they want emails sent through the site or not.
  • Services APIs. Updates to the blog metablog APIs to better support tools such as LiveWriter keywords as well as support for excerpts, read more, auto-discovery, and post names.
  • New Basic Theme. Added the new basic theme which is a really simple theme that can provide an easy starting place for people new to theming a Community Server site.
  • 75+ bug fixes. see the link above for a detailed list.

In a couple of weeks we’ll announce a beta of our new reporting framework for Community Server as well as another little something we’ve been working on.

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