Community Server 2.0 Now Available!

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Telligent and the Community Server team are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Community Server 2.0 the platform that enables you to quickly and easily create online communities.

Download Community Server 2.0 MSI Now!
Download Community Server 2.0 Web Installer Now! (required if upgrading)
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Community Server 2.0 is available in several editions:

Express Edition – The free Express Edition is perfect for people that need to get a community up-and-running on a budget. It is free, but has restrictions on use but can be used commercially.

Standard Edition – The Standard Edition is the entry level commercial platform and unlocks some features not available in the Express Edition.

Professional Edition – The Professional Edition is targeted at organizations that require many of the capabilities offered by Community Server 2.0 for running a high-traffic community.

Enterprise Edition – The Enterprise Edition unleashes the full potential of Community Server and has been designed for organizations that require all of the capabilities found in Community Server.

For more information on licensing Community Server 2.0, please read the Community Server 2.0 licensing guide.

Important: Community Server 2.0 Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions are available for purchase at the 1.1 price until March 20th 2006.

In addition to many improvements in Community Server 2.0 core features (forums, blogs, and photos) some of the new capabilities in Community Server 2.0 include:

File Gallery – Easily share files of any type and size. Supports comments, ratings, download counts as well as permissions for controlling how your files are accessed.

FTP Gateway – Easily enable drag-and-drop or even drive mapping for Community Server file or photo galleries.

Enterprise Search – Enables new options for data matching; RSS enabled search; and proximity searching

Email Gateway – Enables integration with Microsoft Exchange Server or stand-alone email support. Using the Mail Gateway enables blogging by email and using forums as an email distribution list.

RSS Aggregator – Easily combine multiple RSS sources into a combined/aggregated view.

RSS Reader – Enable each user to create his or her own custom RSS subscriptions as well as aggregating and ‘mashing-up’ related content in-and-outside of Community Server

Control Panel – Completely rewritten Control Panel which greatly simplifies management of Community Server.

…and more – Video blogging, Tablet PC ink support, simple content management, search engine optimization, basic social networking functionality, new reports, spam blocking tools, member points, new slideshow tool for photo gallery, updated polls system, forum personalization, RSS enabled search, secure RSS, better NNTP and Email integration, URL redirects/tracking, threaded UI for forums.

Please visit where you can download Community Server 2.0 today!

The Community Server core source code corresponding with today’s release will be published ~5PM CST Today as well.

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