Community Server 2.0 Beta 3 … just a little more

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Just a few more notable points about the Beta 3 release of Community Server 2.0:

Here is list the covers the majority of the check-ins during the Beta 3 milestone

Trust me this list is worth seeing — it’s pretty amazing, there were over 3,700 files touched between our beta 2 and beta 3 releases (December 16 – January 23) approximately ~99 files touched per-day (and that was over the holidays).

Another cool feature that we haven’t really publicized a lot is the email integration with Microsoft’s Exchange server. We have it tied in to our hosted Exchange server (with no software on the Exchange Server) and for specific lists the emails are posted into — which is great since you can now use built-in search tools to search for check-ins, etc. We haven’t made those private forums available to everyone yet, but I’m sure we will soon.

You can also expect to see more videos of Community Server at over the coming weeks too. And yes, we do plan on upgrading to Community Server when we release.

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