CodeSmith 3.0 releases!!!

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Woohoo!!! CodeSmith 3.0 released on Monday May 16th!

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Code generation tools represent one of the most interesting areas where a tremendous amount of innovation opportunity still exists for improving the software development process. By automating the process of creating framework, database access, or other common/repeated code patters developers can save time, companies can save money, and users of the end product will get better solutions. Why? Instead of spending hours repeating the same logic flows, data access layers, or implementation frameworks just write it once as a CodeSmith template. That’s right — using .NET code you can write a template for how you want your code to be generated. It’s still your code with your formatting your comments and your style — CodeSmith just helps you write it faster. In fact, you could say it’s like hiring your own personal army of developers!

If you haven’t experimented with code generation before — and even if you are already familiar with it — I would highly recommend checking out CodeSmith 3.0. It will change the way you think and write your software.

At Telligent we’re so convinced in the importance of code generation that we partnered with Eric Smith, the founder and creator of CodeSmith, to found CodeSmith Tools, LLC.

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