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Last night we updated the ASP.NET Website to ASP.NET 1.1. So far so good, we found a couple of bugs in the forums that we had to patch this morning, but overall the site seems to run faster! Today we got even more good news, we should have our new dual-processor SQL box online by-end-of-week. It’s somewhat amazing that our little SQL Server (single-proc. 750 MHZ 1GB RAM) has handled the load of (we’re serving about 100K unique users / day on the site right now.):

  • All the content from (all content is stored in the DB)
  • All the interactive content from
  • All the interactive content from (requires the most database utilization)
  • All the interactive online versions of the starter kits (such as IBuySpy Store, Portal, etc.)

Unfortunately the search functionality of the forums is killing CPU utilization on the SQL Server. Once we get the new DB in place we’ll dedicate it to the forums — should definitley speed up the site even more!

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