Announcing Telligent Harvest Reporting Server

1 minute read

Harvest Reporting Server is a powerful but still simple to use business intelligence tool that helps draw out critical information about your Community Server site. We’re bundling Harvest with our Enterprise Edition of Community Server but it will be available for $5,000 for Community Server Professional customers.

Until March 15th you can pre-purchase Harvest for $999.


Harvest is also a fully functional stand-alone Reporting Engine. The current offer includes the Community Server 2007 Report Bundle with over 100 reports on how your Community Server is being used. While version 1.0 is targeted largely at our Community Server customers we’re planning on building additional reports and customers of Harvest 1.0 can easily build their own rich, interactive reports too.

Note, to use Harvest 1.0 with Community Server you will need to be able to setup a Windows Service and we recommend using a separate database as to not interfere with performance of Community Server.

We’re on track to ship version 1.0 on March 10th. You can check-out Harvest in action here:

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