Announcing Graffiti Beta 2

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We’re happy to announce that Graffiti Beta 2 is now available!

Download now!

Yes, originally we planned on launching version 1.0 on January 15th. We decided to instead release a second beta so we could make sure that we really nailed all the scenarios and features added since Beta 1.

Here’s what’s been done/added:

  • New databases supportedVistaDB replaces Microsoft Access used to store your content. VistaDB is supported in both Microsoft’s .NET and Novell’s Mono. VistaDB also still enables no-setup (copy/paste) deployment of Graffiti. In addition to adding VistaDB support we’ve also added support for MySQL. Lastly, we’ve done the work to enable case sensitive databases. Graffiti supports: VistaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL.
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements – we’ve fixed over 100 bugs that people reported or requested that we change. In some cases it was simple things that we just didn’t get to in Beta 1, like: deleting categories and custom fields..
  • Data Migration tool – See the readme for details, but we make it really easy to move from Beta 1’s Access environment to any of the new databases supported in Beta 2. Additionally this tool can be used at anytime to change the database you are using for Graffiti.
  • New Features – we’ve added a few new features based largely on your feedback. Features such as “variables” which allow you to do some really interesting new things Templates. We’ll publish more about these features on the Graffiti blog.
  • Better support for all browsers – our WYSIWYG editor in the administration has been updated to have awesome support for all browsers (not just FireFox): IE, Safari, Camino, and Opera.
  • Tools for controlling sort order – We’ve added some drag-and-drop tools to make it really easy to create/define your own custom sort order for content. This is especially important when using Graffiti as a CMS.
  • Support for IIS 7 – We didn’t test Graffiti Beta 1 with IIS 7 – and boy did we hear about it! We’re pleased to say that Graffiti Beta 2 works great with IIS 7. 
  • Versioning support added for Themes – We’ve added version support for themes, so now you can make changes, review them and easily revert back to what you used to have.

Of course there is a lot more in Beta 2, but we want you to have fun finding some of the great new features!

P.S., Graffiti Beta 2 does not work with Mono yet. Hopefully this will be finalized when we release next month!

P.P.S., You can still pre-purchase Graffiti during Beta 2 at the introductory price of $99.

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